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Unconventional Careers Unconventional Careers

A few years ago, opportunities seemed limited and there was an increasing pressure to hold graduate degrees of a doctor, engineer, and lawyer and so on. These professions were deemed with respect and such people were treated with reverence. People took up such lines of study keeping in view of societal response even if that meant pursuing a career which one wasn’t interested, in the process sacrificing one’s own passions. It was an era where people considered settled life as a complete one and such careers were to path to achieve one.
With changing times and perceptions our definition of success came to be associated with fulfilment. This was due to the majority going in swing with the crowd disregarding what their deepest desires were and thus leading to unfulfilled ambitions and unsatisfactory lives. Realisation that careers should be built based on personal choice brought about a sweeping change in the outlook of people. The evolution of the definition of success comes with the changing attitude of the youth .Youth looked for better alternatives that could go hand in hand with both their interests and could serve as a good career option. Today, we have plenty of career options to suit all kinds of people with all kinds of interests.

In the arena of Dance, Music, Theatre, Photography, Writing, Painting or even speaking there are options galore! These could be hobbies on which a career could be built. Taking Dance for instance, one could train to become versatile dancer and career option could be a choreographer. In the pool of aspiring choreographers the possibility that everyone could become one seems less but the rest could start their own dance schools! This is the best way to earn while enjoying what one likes to do most. With TV shows like Dance India Dance being aired, the number of kids who see themselves on the stage as performers has increased and parents encourage them to continue in the line of interest. What better than grabbing the opportunity; train these kids to help them turn their dreams into reality?  Same is the case for music too!

All good actors may not come on to the big screen but they could express themselves on a smaller stage like the theatre. The theatre artist’s job is one of the most challenging one, given the range of roles one has to play and the complexity in playing each of these characters. Initial earnings may be meagre, but as one learns to master his skills he could slowly move out and make his own group.

Abstract art and painting is possibly not everyone’s cup of tea. But those who have a flair for it manifest a part of themselves in this form of art. A friend of mine gave up her academics and took to one of the art schools in the city after her grade 10, realising that is where her real calling lies. Today, at the age of 20, her art works are sold at one of the yearly art exhibition. More than anything, her happiness and satisfaction lies in doing what she loves most! Other forms of art include jewellery designing or fashion designing. These are the ‘hot’ careers for the ‘want to be famous ‘today .Both requires the manifestation of the creative edge and the pay goes right up to counting lakhs if one excels in the field.

Photography is extraordinary career to choose, but options are wide ranging from cinematographer for high aspirers to wildlife photographers! These jobs involve travelling and what better way to see the world – in the eyes of the camera! Writing could be hobby that if trained, can lay a basement to a complete career. One could start by interning at a local newspaper to polish one’s skills and then the options are plenty. From newspapers to magazines to technical writers for the companies, there is always a need for good writers. If one excels in the position pay rise could go up to a few hundred thousand.

These careers are not uncommon today, as more and more people realise their inclinations. They have also gathered up the courage to go for it and make it a source of living. There is this increasing need among people today to do what they like the most. Learning comes by in any profession chosen but having fun while learning is what is important and that is the mantra today. Youth, today do not hesitate to take a turn from the stereotype 9 to 5 careers their parents have had to follow. However, one should realise that immediate success is not guaranteed in any of these careers. Hard work and perseverance are the main ingredients to the success formula. Excelling in each of these fields require a lot of persistence and determination. Those who generally opt such careers do so simply because their calling lies in them and thus enjoy doing it. When one enjoys what he is doing improvement is an effortless process.

So for all those who haven’t chosen their vocations yet, take a while, mull over your interests and live by your passions. And those who have second thoughts think over and don’t be afraid to take the turn .Give a chance to reveal that part of you because it is your calling, something you have been blessed with. The world is full of men with unexplored talents and unfulfilled dreams –‘ don’t be one among them!’

Varsha Srivatsan

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